ABOUT COPPER DOG Restaurant & Bar in Wildwood,NJ

Our Story

Our story is simple: we’re passionate about good food, we pay attention to tiny details, and we love our hometown. Decades of experience across South Jersey’s restaurant scene led us back to Wildwood to open Copper Dog, our first restaurant on the island together.

Copper Dog is a restaurant for families and friends to gather, enjoy each other’s company, and make new memories at the Jersey Shore.

Our namesake pays tribute to our own copper dog, Vivian. We’d love to extend an invite to your well-behaved four-legged family members, who are welcome to join us at our outdoor dining area.

Photo Gallery

We’ve curated a collection of images that showcase our restaurant’s evolution from its humble beginnings to the bustling eatery it is today. From the early days of construction to the opening day celebrations, our photo gallery captures the essence of our journey.